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Tunisia: Public Opinion Report 2023

In the 2019 presidential elections, many Tunisians turned to Kaïs Saïed as a solution. Saïed ran a populist campaign as a political outsider, calling for ending corruption and reforms to the electoral system. In the final round of voting, he captured nearly three-quarters of the vote for an overwhelming victory and strong electoral mandate. In July 2021, Saïed dismissed the…

Palestine: Public Opinion Report 2023, Part 2

Palestinians see the Israeli occupation as the most critical threat facing Palestine and their most preferred countries are Turkey, Qatar, and China. In a comparison between China’s and U.S. foreign policies, the Palestinian public views China’s policies more positively than those of the U.S. on all issues at hand. Wide-ranging opposition to Arab normalization with Israel remains as strong as…



Public Opinion in Lebanon 2021-2022

Key Findings From Arab Barometer Wave Seven: Trust in political actors is extremely low and has fallen over the last decade with the notable exception of the LAF. The economy & corruption are seen as the country’s biggest problems while there is wide concern about growing inequality. Lebanese want the government to lower the cost of living, create jobs, &…

Arab Public Opinion on International Relations: Findings from the Sixth Wave of Arab Barometer

Key Findings: Support for the U.S. has increased dramatically since 2020. President Biden’s policies are more favored than President Trump’s. Many view U.S. assistance positively and have a desire for increased support for education & infrastructure China is viewed more favorably than the U.S., but support is low for China, Inc. Saudi Arabia is more popular than Iran, but by…

What Arab Publics Think: Findings from the Fifth Wave of Arab Barometer

Key Findings from Wave 5: Half of Arabs want better ties with China while roughly four-in-ten want stronger relations with the U.S & Russia. Many want an increase in foreign aid, but are are largely indifferent to whether it comes from the E.U. or other countries. Few favor Iran while Saudi favorability has declined since 2016, leaving Turkey as the…