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Tunisia: Public Opinion Report 2023

In the 2019 presidential elections, many Tunisians turned to Kaïs Saïed as a solution. Saïed ran a populist campaign as a political outsider, calling for ending corruption and reforms to the electoral system. In the final round of voting, he captured nearly three-quarters of the vote for an overwhelming victory and strong electoral mandate. In July 2021, Saïed dismissed the…



Arab Public Opinion on Climate Change (2021-2022)

Key Findings: ▶Water is the biggest perceived environmental challenge facing countries in MENA, followed by waste management. ▶ Citizens hold each other and their governments equally responsible for lack of action on climate. ▶ There is broad support among citizens for more government actions in response to climate change. ▶ Despite recognizing that environmental challenges exist, more immediate issues take…

Public Opinion in Lebanon 2021-2022

Key Findings From Arab Barometer Wave Seven: Trust in political actors is extremely low and has fallen over the last decade with the notable exception of the LAF. The economy & corruption are seen as the country’s biggest problems while there is wide concern about growing inequality. Lebanese want the government to lower the cost of living, create jobs, &…