What Arab Publics Think: Findings from the Fifth Wave of Arab Barometer

Key Findings from Wave 5:

  • Half of Arabs want better ties with China while roughly four-in-ten want stronger relations with the U.S & Russia.
  • Many want an increase in foreign aid, but are are largely indifferent to whether it comes from the E.U. or other countries.
  • Few favor Iran while Saudi favorability has declined since 2016, leaving Turkey as the most popular regional power.
  • Trust in government, parliament, & civil society are low and have fallen since the Arab uprisings.
  • Corruption is viewed as endemic across the region.
  • Perceptions of the degree to which basic freedoms are guaranteed has dropped precipitously over the last five years.
  • After a decade-long decline, the desire to emigrate is now increasing.
  • Support for democracy remains high, but relatively few Arab publics understand democracy in primarily procedural terms.
  • Citizens across MENA largely affirm that women should have equal rights to men, but question if they should play equal roles in society.