Public Opinion in Lebanon 2021-2022

Key Findings From Arab Barometer Wave Seven:

  • Trust in political actors is extremely low and has fallen over the last decade with the notable exception of the LAF.
  • The economy & corruption are seen as the country’s biggest problems while there is wide concern about growing inequality.
  • Lebanese want the government to lower the cost of living, create jobs, & increase spending on subsidies.
  • Citizens say the political system needs major change & want it now.
  • Although Lebanese continue to think democracy is the best system, fewer think it is the only viable system and frustration with democracy is increasing.
  • Lebanese say that freedoms are guaranteed, but levels are below previous years.
  • Lebanese youth desire to emigrate, though only a minority considers an undocumented migration.
  • Lebanese support equal roles for women in public & private life and support is growing.
  • The environment is seen as a problem but awareness is low.
  • China is viewed more favorably than the U.S., especially among Shias.
  • Lebanese are equally likely to want closer economic ties with the U.S. & China, but perceive the U.S. as a greater economic threat.
  • A third have positive views of the Biden administration, but more than half view U.S. assistance favorably.
  • Few say Biden’s policies are better than Trump’s and most want U.S. foreign policy to focus on economic development & security.
  • Saudi Arabia is more favored than Iran while France is the most popular country among major foreign powers

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