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Aseel Alayli

Communications Manager, Arab Barometer

Areas of Expertise: Women issues, gender politics, media and public opinion, Lebanon

Available for Interviews in: English, Arabic

Aseel  joined the Arab Barometer in January 2018. She is responsible for developing and executing AB’s outreach media strategies and campaigns. Prior to joining AB, Aseel developed, produced, and managed international productions of current affairs shows, documentary series, reality television shows, and digital content at the Middle East Broadcasting Network (MBN) for nearly a decade. Aseel is an avid supporter of gender equality and women’s empowerment with a passion to elevate the voice of Middle Eastern women in media and the public sphere.

Articles, Publications, Appearances:

What Do Arabs Really Think About The Status of Women In Society?

Key Findings: Opinions regarding women’s rights and their roles in society are progressing unevenly in MENA. While Arabs are more approving of women’s right to education, work and holding political office, there is far from universal agreement that women should have equal rights in all areas. Moreover, there is little agreement that women should have equal roles in public or…