Gender Issues

Gender Attitudes and Trends in the Middle East and North Africa

Arab Barometer Wave VII surveys make clear that while Arab citizens hold largely traditional views on gender norms, minds are changing towards greater gender equality. Furthermore, governments have many tools in their arsenal to engage their underutilized female workforce.

Public Opinion in Lebanon 2021-2022

Key Findings From Arab Barometer Wave Seven: Trust in political actors is extremely low and has fallen over the last decade with the notable exception of the LAF. The economy & corruption are seen as the country’s biggest problems while there is wide concern about growing inequality. Lebanese want the government to lower the cost of living, create jobs, &…

The pandemic caused a global surge in domestic violence. For victims with few options, abuse has become the new normal.

AMMAN, Jordan — By the time Umm Zeid caught the coronavirus in September, the Jordanian mother of three had spent 18 months losing a battle with what has become known as a shadow pandemic: domestic violence. Since the first wave of lockdowns, Umm Zeid has suffered in her small home in a city in northeast Jordan. In her 30s, she…