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Mohamed Abufalgha

Policy Outreach Manager, Arab Barometer

Areas of Expertise: Arab politics, North Africa, statistical analysis, public policy, US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa, Libya

Available for interviews in: English, Arabic

Mohamed Abufalgha is the Policy Outreach Manager at Arab Barometer. He is responsible for managing Arab Barometer’s dissemination activities targeting the policy community, with a particular focus on individuals and organizations based in MENA, while serving as the editor of the Arab Pulse blog and as a key spokesperson for the project. Mohamed joined Arab Barometer in 2020 as a Research Data Specialist. Prior to joining the research network, he graduated with a Master’s degree in global policy studies from University of Texas at Austin.

Articles, Publications, Appearances:

Water and food are overwhelming concerns for Middle East, Arab Barometer poll finds

Issues related to water, including pollution and scarcity, are key concerns in the Arab world, according to a study that canvassed the views of more than 26,000 people in a dozen nations. The Arab Barometer research by Princeton University found that while climate change was a worry for the region’s public, issues with a more immediate day-to-day impact tended to…

Arab Public Opinion on Climate Change (2021-2022)

Key Findings: ▶Water is the biggest perceived environmental challenge facing countries in MENA, followed by waste management. ▶ Citizens hold each other and their governments equally responsible for lack of action on climate. ▶ There is broad support among citizens for more government actions in response to climate change. ▶ Despite recognizing that environmental challenges exist, more immediate issues take…

The Second Libyan Civil War and the Russia Connexion with Mohamed Abufalgha

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Tom and Matt have the great opportunity to speak with Libyan national Mohamed Abufalgha and expert on the conflict that has been going on for several years now in this oil-rich, war-torn country. Mohamed helps us unpack the Russian-Libyan connection and exactly how many countries have their fingers–and fighters–in Libya.