About Arab Barometer

The Arab Barometer is a nonpartisan research network that provides insight into the social, political, and economic attitudes and values of ordinary citizens across the Arab world. We have been conducting high quality and reliable public opinion surveys in the Middle East and North Africa since 2006. We are the largest repository of publicly available data on the views of men and women in the MENA region. Our findings give a voice to the needs and concerns of Arab publics.

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Participating Institutions

Steering Committee Members

Amaney Jamal, PhD
Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Politics, Princeton University
Khalil Shikaki, PhD
Director, Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research
Mark Tessler, PhD
Samuel J. Eldersveld Collegiate Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan
Darwish Al-Emadi, PhD
Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Qatar University
Musa Shteiwi, PhD
Director, Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan
Youssef Meddeb
CEO, One to One for Research and Polling


Aseel Alayli
Communications Associate, Arab Barometer
Kathrin Thomas, PhD
Research Associate, Arab Barometer


Survey Partners

Arab Barometer Wave IV
Arab Barometer Wave III
Arab Barometer Wave II
Arab Barometer Wave I