Tunisia At A Crossroads

Key Findings:

  • Perceptions of economic conditions have significantly deteriorated since 2011.
  • Trust in the government and parliament are low, but Tunisians have far more confidence in the security services and the judiciary.
  • Nearly all Tunisians say corruption remains rampant, while fewer than half believe the government is taking steps to address the problem.
  • Desire to emigrate is high and growing, especially among youth.
  • Political interest and participation are declining, especially among youth, who are often taking to the streets to voice their frustration.
  • There is a consensus that democracy is not functioning well, but little support for an alternative system of governance.
  • Tunisians favor closer relations with China and Turkey compared with Western powers.
  • Roughly a third of Tunisians say they are ‘not religious’ including almost half of youth.