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Tunisia: Public Opinion Report 2023

In the 2019 presidential elections, many Tunisians turned to Kaïs Saïed as a solution. Saïed ran a populist campaign as a political outsider, calling for ending corruption and reforms to the electoral system. In the final round of voting, he captured nearly three-quarters of the vote for an overwhelming victory and strong electoral mandate. In July 2021, Saïed dismissed the…

Lebanon Country Report 2021-2022

Many record highs and lows in views of Lebanese citizens compared with any previous survey in any foreign country, latest Arab Barometer’s survey shows. Among others, all-time lows are seen in satisfaction with the government, interpersonal trust, and economic outlook, while perceptions of government corruption is at an all-time high. Vast majorities agree the status quo is untenable, so what does reform…