The Credibility of the Political News Issues: A Comparative Study between Egyptian and Tunisian Audience

The main topic of the study about the credibility of political news issues on the social networking sites as from the point of view of the social networking sites users in The Egyptian and Tunisian societies. The study compares each case in terms of political and social issues, especially in the period after the second intermediate period, for example, changing the constitution, demonstrations, and protests and monitoring.

The sample of the study a survey research was conducted over a sample Egyptian and Tunisian audience of 300divided into 150 Egyptians and 150 Tunisians. Research questions were stated as follows: – What are the reasons that push the Egyptian and Tunisian audiences to use the social networking sites as a source of news?

The results of the study show us that there is no credibility to the news on the internet due to the absence of laws which govern the information available more often among Egyptian society more than Tunisian society.