Morocco’s Pulse: Ten years after February 20th

On this day in 2011, thousands of Moroccans took to the streets in dozens of cities to demand an end to corruption and authoritarianism, and to call for democracy and dignity. The movement, which was dubbed “the February 20th Movement”  — referring to the first day of protests —  is considered the largest protest movement in the history of modern Morocco, and is greatly responsible for the constitutional and political changes that the country has witnessed since then.

According to Wave 6 of Arab Barometer, the reasons for the protests still persist. When asked if corruption is prevalent within state institutions, 59 percent of Moroccans say that it is prevalent to a large or medium degree. As for democracy as a societal value, 79 percent of Moroccans consider choosing their leaders in free elections to be absolutely essential or somewhat essential. Finally, a majority of Moroccans still believe that the priorities of the government should focus on education and health care reform, and the creation of more job opportunities.