Two Thirds of Palestinians Demand The Resignation of President Abbas

Two thirds demand the resignation of president Abbas amidst a split around the resumption of coordination with Israel, with a majority expressing the view that Israel came out the winner, and fearing the step could expand Arab normalization deals with Israel and reduce the prospect for reconciliation and the holding of elections. However, the majority expresses optimism about the Joe Biden election and support holding dialogue with the new U.S. administration.

These are the results of the latest poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip between 8-11 December 2020, conducted in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Ramallah. The period before the poll witnessed several developments including the reversal of PA’s May 2020 decision to end security and civil coordination with Israel and the resumption of that coordination, the election of Joe Biden as president of the US, the signing of a normalization agreement between Sudan and Israel, and the failure of Palestinian reconciliation efforts to reach an agreement on holding Palestinian elections. This press release addresses these issues and covers other matters such as Palestinian parliamentary and presidential elections, general conditions in the Palestinian territories, the peace process and the future possible directions for Palestinians in the absence of a viable peace process. Total size of the sample is 1270 adults interviewed face to face in 127 randomly selected locations. Margin of error is +/-3%.

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PSR Poll No. 78 Press Release