Webinar: Gender Dynamics During Covid-19 Pandemic

“Women As Partners in Progress” webinar session highlights the change in gender dynamics in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Gender biases has a long-term effect and will shape the future of a post COVID-19 crisis era. Inaction may lead to increased gender biases across the world, while recognizing the role of women will empower them to a more progressive society that places equal values to the roles assumed by both men and women.
This session is meant to shed light on the new roles that have been assumed by men and women with the shift to remote work, and how have they adapted to such changes. We will learn more about how girl’s education has been impacted by COVID-19 crisis focusing on access to education and the transition to the workforce. Finally, with the forced co-existence, all form of violence against women is exacerbated, a session will be carried out on some of the responses in the midst of this crisis.
  • Dr. May Rihani, Khalil Gibran Chair for Values & Peace – The Role of Women in Combating Covid-19
  • Aseel Alayli, Arab Barometer – Gender Dynamics: Examining Public Opinion Data in light of Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Christina Kwauk, Brookings Institution – Girls Education Impacted Regionally and Worldwide
  • Judge Mohammed Al Tarawneh, Jordanian Court of Cassation – Gender Based Violence During Covid-19
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