Tunisia’s first post-uprisings local elections are Sunday. Can they bolster citizens’ belief in governance?


What voters want

Economic justice was a central demand of the 2011 uprising, and public opinion data from the Arab Barometer collected in 2011, 2013 and 2015demonstrate that the economy remains at the forefront of Tunisians’ minds. When asked, “What are the most two important challenges your country is facing today?” nearly 75 percent of respondents listed the economic situation with regard to poverty, unemployment and price increases, as one of those two challenges. Though significantly less than the 89 percent of respondents who chose the economy in 2013, it was also up from the 69 percent who responded similarly in 2011. In an exit survey I conducted with fellow political scientist Chantal Berman during the 2014 parliamentary elections, an overwhelming majority of voters similarly chose “economic growth and development” as the No.1 issue facing Tunisia.

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