Some Middle East leaders have a big stake in US election

While the majority of people in the Middle East favour a Biden victory, strongmen across the region are hoping for a Trump re-election

While the world is closely watching the US election, the leaders of some Middle East countries have a lot riding on who wins the race for the White House.

Across the region, surveys have shown that the majority of people are dissatisfied with US foreign policy and would favour a Joe Biden victory over President Donald Trump.

Michael Robbins, the director of research at the Arab Barometer research institute, said Trump’s actions in the region had not aligned with the interests of ordinary people and a change in the Oval Office could help Washington’s standing moving forward.

“They [the people] don’t agree with the way their leaders have made the deals with Washington for their own interests,” Robbins said during a zoom call on Monday arranged by the Brookings Institution.

“If Biden wins, he has a huge task if he wants to go and shape ordinary citizens’ opinions of the United States differently.”

Here’s a look at some world leaders who have a personal stake in the race, with their fortunes depending heavily on the success – or failure – of President Trump…

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