Algeria’s Pulse: Two Years After “Hirak”

Two years have passed since the advent of the Algerian “Hirak” – the social protest movement that instigated far reaching and substantial political change, primary among them was the prevention of a fifth presidential term for Abdelaziz Bouteflika. In Arab Barometer’s first survey of Wave 6, a substantial majority of Algerians (82 percent) believe that corruption was prevalent in state institutions, but a comparably sizable majority believe the government was fighting corruption to a large or medium extent – 73 percent, and the largest proportion among surveyed countries. Moreover, almost 3 in 4 Algerians believed freedom of expression was guaranteed to a great or medium extent, also the largest proportion among surveyed countries (tied with Morocco). Finally, almost 2 in 3 Algerians believed democracy is always the most preferable system of government, the largest proportion among surveyed countries.

For more unique insight into what triggered the Hirak protests, read our topical report The 2019 Algerian Protests. This report is based on our 2019 Arab Barometer public opinion survey that was conducted on the eve of the protests, lending unique insight into several key questions: Were these protests to be expected? What drives the protests? And, what do Algerians want for the future?