Published Papers

The Arab Barometer data are widely used by the academic and non-academic research community. A partial list of such publications can be found here.
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Working Papers

Often research using the Arab Barometer data is work in progress. We want to provide our user community with outreach for such work and publish a number of working papers here.
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Policy Reports

The Arab Barometer data are frequently referenced by various policy actors in their reports on MENA. We collect and provide these reports here for your reference.


“The Arab uprisings of 2011 (and their national aftermaths) have led to a collapse of the regional order, thus transforming the Southern Mediterranean shores into a basin of persistent instability….

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The Arab Barometer team frequently presents survey results on the MENA region at all various kinds of outreach events including, but not limited to academic and non-academic conferences, workshops, and round table debates. We provide select presentations here.

New Frontiers in Detecting Data Fabrication

The ability to make valid inferences in the social sciences depends on collecting reliable and accurate data. Data fabrication is an intentional deviation from the stated guidelines, instructions or sampling…

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