Youth, Religion and Democracy After the Arab Uprisings: Evidence from the Arab Barometer

This article compares the changes over time in attitudes of youth in Egypt and Tunisia, two countries that experienced dramatic political changes in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings. The primary comparison is the change in attitudes over time within each country; views of youths just after the respective revolutions are compared with views of a similar cohort two years after these events to determine how the Arab uprisings affected views toward democracy and political Islam in the two aforementioned countries. The second comparison is how the shifts in attitudes during this period differed between youths in the two countries. This comparison provides insight into how responses to the events of the Arab uprisings varied by country context. The basis for this examination is public opinion data from the Arab Barometer, a project that conducts face-to-face nationally representative surveys of men and women aged 18 and older across the Middle East and North Africa.


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