Arab Barometer Placed Lebanon at the Top of Latest Corruption Report

Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt are topping the list.

The Arab Barometer Report: Perceptions of Corruption on the Rise Across MENA just placed Lebanon in quite a disappointing ranking according to studies conducted by Princeton University. The report, published on the World Bank’s blog Arab Voices, also placed it in the lead in multiple of its statistics, which include: Obtaining employment through Wasta, Paying bribe for better educational services, as well as Paying a bribe for better healthcare services, to sadly name a few.

According to Salma Al-Shami, Senior Specialist at the Princeton University’s Arab Barometer research network, Lebanon’s current standing places it as a difficult place to live for multiple reasons.

With “corruption” as a central theme in Lebanon’s 2019 Revolution, as well as among various countries in the region, these numbers are hardly surprising….

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