Our Experts

Kathrin Thomas, PhD

Research Associate, Arab Barometer

Areas of Expertise: Survey methodology, comparative politics, electoral behavior

Available for Interviews in: English, German

Kathrin  joined the Arab Barometer as Research Associate in February 2018. In collaboration with the Director, she is responsible for the survey research design and management as well as data processing, cleaning, management, and documentation. Kathrin has joined the AB from City, University of London, where she worked as Research Associate in survey methodology with the European Social Survey and other survey data. She has previously worked on the Austrian National Election Study and the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems. Kathrin obtained her PhD at the University of Exeter in 2013 as Early Stage Marie Curie Researcher on the ELECDEM Initial Training Network on Electoral Democracy.

Articles, Publications, Appearances:

Surveying the Arab World: Methodological Challenges and (Some) Solutions

This presentation outlines the methodological challenges of surveying in the Arab World, provides insights from field practice, and outlines an agenda for future methodological research and improvements. The presentation was given at the general conference of the European Consortium for Political Research, Hamburg (22 to 25 August 2018).

The Total Survey Error Paradigm and Challenges to its Application in the Arab World

This presentation plots the challenges of the survey methodology in the Arab World against the well-established Total Survey Error Paradigm. It identifies areas which are not or no longer considered in Western survey methodology, describes practical problems and provides insights on how to tackles these. This presentation was given at the International Total Survey Error Workshop, Durham (2 – 6…