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In its first phase, the Arab Barometer (AB) carried out nationally representative Democracy Barometer surveys in Morocco, Algeria, Kuwait, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen during 2006, 2007 and 2008.  The Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) also conducted its own first wave of national surveys in four countries, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco, in 2006-2008.  These surveys, conducted through face-to-face interviews, included questions on a wide range of topics pertaining to governance, political life and political, social and cultural values.  A total of some 10,000 respondents were interviewed.  Country and regional comparative reports, in addition to thematic analyses, were published and are available on this website as well as ARI’s website.

Following the public release of the AB survey data in 2009, the Arab Barometer was designated as the best new data in comparative politics by the American Political Science Association.  Professor Mark Tessler of the University of Michigan and Professor Amaney Jamal of Princeton University accepted this prestigious award on behalf of the Arab Barometer Steering Committee.


In addition to providing data with which to assess pubic opinion in the Arab world, the Arab Barometer and Arab Reform Initiative undertook to share the results of its surveys through publications, reports, briefings, press conferences and public presentations.  Outreach and dissemination activities include presentations to various audiences not only in the Arab world but also in the United States and Europe.